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Pediatric CML

Chaired by Professor Meinolf Suttorp and Professor Nirmalya Roy Moulik, this module outlines a comprehensive review of the treatment of pediatric CML. 


  • Treatment Recommendations for CML –  Chronic Phase – Professeur Frédéric Millot
  • Treatment Recommendations in Pediatric CML Blast Phase – Dr Stephanie Sembill
  • Treatment Free Remission in Pediatric CML – Professor Nobuko Hijiya
  • Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor Toxicity in Pediatric CML – Dr Maaike Luesink
  • Parenting in Children with CML – Professor Meinolf Suttorp
  • Bone Health in Pediatric CML – Professor Meinolf Suttorp

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  • Management of Pediatric CML in the Resource-Constrained Setting
  • Difference Between Adult and Pediatric CML
  • Predisposition and Genetic Factors in Pediatric CML

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Management Practicalities

Chaired by Professor Giuseppe Saglio (Italy) and Professor Mohamed Yassin (Qatar) this module will feature topics on the practical management of CML.


  • Managing intolerances – Perspectives from the real world – Dr Massimo Breccia (Italy)
  • Managing comorbidities – Perspectives from the real world – Dr Mohamed Yassin (Qatar):
    1. Hepatitis B Reactivation
    2. Managing Obesity
    3. Association of Tuberculosis in patients with CML
    4. Opthalmic manifestations as the initial presentation of CML
  • Nature and incidence of adverse events – Dr Valentín García Gutiérrez (Spain)
  • TKI interactions with concomitant medication – Dr Katerina Machova Polakova (Czech Republic)
  • Generic TKIs – Dr Jeff Lipton (Canada)
  • When to consider Allogenic transplantation in CML – Dr Jerry Radich (USA)

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CML Therapy

Chaired by Professor Jorge Cortes and Professor Qian Jian, this module outlines the current therapies for CML and the international guidelines supporting therapeutic decisions. 


  • Frontline therapy – Professor Jorge Cortes
  • When frontline therapy fails and beyond the second line therapy – Dr Jeff Lipton
  • Beyond the chronic phase – Professor Susanne Saussele
  • International recommendations and guidelines and how these have shifted in the last decade – Professor Andreas Hochhaus

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Treatment Free Remission

Chaired by Professor Tim Hughes and Dr Katia Pagnano, this module will outline current considerations to meet the goal of treatment free remission (TFR)


  • Understanding the Biological Nature of TFR – Professor Mhairi Copland
  • Identifying the Best Candidates for TFR – Dr Naranie Shanmuganthan
  • The Ideal – when TFR can be recommended – Professor Tim Hughes & Professor Ehab Atallah
  • The Practical – how to implement TFR in resource constrained centres – Dr Katia Pagnano & Professor Hemant Malhotra
  • How to Communicate with Patients about TFR – Professor Gianantonio Rosti

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From the Laboratory – Non-clinical

Chaired by Professor Nick Cross and Dr Neelam Varma, this module will discuss current and future diagnosis and testing methods from the perspective of non-clinical scientists.


  • Measurable residual disease detection in chronic myeloid leukaemia – Professor Nick Cross
  • Current and future techniques/trends – Professor Susan Branford
  • Laboratory testing in a resource constrained environment – Dr Neelam Varma
  • New ways to improve molecular analysis in resource constrained environments – Professor Jerry Radich

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From the Laboratory – for Clinicians

Chaired by Professor Jerry Radich and Dr Carolina Pavlovsky this module discusses current and future diagnosis and testing methods from the perspective of clinicians.


  • Main laboratory studies at diagnosis – Dr Carolina Pavlovsky
  • Optimal test frequency for MRD – Dr Carolina Pavlovsky
  • Clinical data to support each treatment milestone – Dr Kendra Sweet
  • Essential molecular monitoring (focusing on low and middle-income countries) – Professor Jerry Radich
  • When BCR-ABL1 mutation testing is recommended – Assistant Professor Simona Soverini
  • The role of genomic analysis and panel mutation screening – Professor Michael Deininger

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This program is supported by Novartis Oncology. All content has been developed by CML experts under the guidance of Professor G. Saglio, Turin, Italy.

New Topics Phase II

The first tranche of Phase II topics are available. An outline of Phase II topics include; pregnancy and fertility in CML, pediatric CML, and next steps for CML management. If you have topics you would like to see discussed please contact us.

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